Rev-X Multigrade 20W-40 (CH-4)


Deemoil®Rev-X Multigrade 20W-40 (CH-4) is heavy duty engine oil, developed to make turbocharged & naturally aspirated diesel engines and gasoline engines more powerful and operating under stressful conditions. This oil is formulated with high quality detergents that minimize engine deposits due to excellent sludge and varnish control. Its optimum viscosity characteristics resists drop in oil pressure, which result in greater power to engines.


Functional Benefits:

  • Reduces lacquer formation hence better power output at any operating torque.
  • Broad viscosity range gives year round engine protection and performance.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability helps keep engines clean for smoother operation.
  • Good corrosion protects critical engine components.
  • The multi grade version is suitable for all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption.


Performance Standards:

Meets the Requirements of API CH-4 20W40.



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Health & Safety:

These oils are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained.