Turbo DX (Green) 15W-40 (CI-4+)


Deemoil®Turbo DX (Green) 15W-40 (CI-4+) is a Super Premium Diesel Engine Oil designed to deliver excellent performance in the new generation BS IV/BS III Automotives and Off-road Diesel vehicles. It is high performance heavy-duty engine oil that helps extend engine life while providing long drain capability and fuel economy to engines operating in severe applications. It is formulated using selected base oil & balanced additives to neutralize corrosive acids and possesses excellent shear stability for stay-in-grade viscosity performance. It is also designed to provide protection in over the road using exhaust gas recirculation.


Functional Benefits:

  • Protect critical engine parts from wear and corrosion to offer extended engine life.
  • Longer oil drains interval and lower maintenance costs.
  • Clean engine additive technology keeps engine cleaner, helping to reduce oil consumption.
  • Highest fuel economy standard – API EC II (More than 2.7%).
  • Controls engine deposits, resists oil thickening by reducing sludge formation.


Performance Standards:

Meets the Requirements of API CI-4+ 15W40.



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Health & Safety:

These oils are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained.