Sprint 4T 20W-40 SL/MA-2

Deemoil®Sprint 4T 20W-40 SL/MA-2 is 3 in one ECG Motorcycle & Scooter Engine oil manufactured for all type of new generation air cooled Engines. It is recommended for 8000 Kms. under ideal conditions. It also provides excellent wear and oxidation protection & meets Valve Train wear requirements of API SL. It exceeds the most stringent performances requirements of JASO MA2.

Functional Benefits:

  • Maximum Power.
  • Smooth Drivability.
  • Lowers engine maintenance cost.
  • Excellent wear & oxidation protection.
  • Withstands higher sump temperature of 130®c.

Performance Standards:
Sprint 4T 20W-40 meets the performance requirements of JASO T903:API SL / JASO MA 2specifications.

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Health & Safety:
Based on available toxicological information, it has been determined that this product poses no significant health risk when used and handled properly.Details on handling, as well as health and safety information, can be found in the Material Safety Data Bulletin which can be obtained through Flonex oil India (P) Limited., by telephoning 1-800-120-3018.