Turbo DX-3 15W-40 CF-4

Deemoil®Turbo DX-3 15W-40 CF-4 is premium multipurpose diesel engine oil. The oil is designed for the most severe performance requirements of diesel vehicles. It assures outstanding protection against high temperature engine deposits, oil degradation, oil thickening and corrosion resistance. This oil is having excellent shear stability to maintain viscosity under severe, high temperature operations. It exhibits outstanding control on soot induced thickening and soot induced wear.

Functional Benefits:

  • Superior performance in terms of improved oil and engine life.
  • Less oil thickening, better deposit control.
  • Excellent Engine Cleanliness.
  • Catalytic Convertor Compatible.

Performance Standards:

API SJ in gasoline and API CF in diesel service, ACEA A3/B3 – 96, MB 229.1, Fuel economy standards API EC II & EC I for 10W-30 and 10W-40 grade respectively.

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Health & Safety:
Based on available toxicological information, it has been determined that this product poses no significant health risk when used and handled properly.Details on handling, as well as health and safety information, can be found in the Material Safety Data Bulletin which can be obtained through Flonex oil India (P) Limited., by telephoning 1-800-120-3018.